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    Why Use A Consultant?

    Time Constrained?

    A project is late. A market window is in danger of being missed. A consultant with the knowledge you need, and experienced in coming up to speed quickly could make the difference.


    A burst of activity can overpower even the most talented, effective engineering staff. A consultant can help you organization meet peak goals, without the effort and commitment of expanding full-time staff.


    A consultant, with years of experience specific to your issue, can offer a new perspective to help solve a persistent problem.


    The cost of a new employee can be daunting, especially in times when future need is uncertain. A consultant carries no overhead, your business incurs costs only when work is actually being performed.


    When moving into a new area of business, a consultant can provide the experience and expertise you need to organization needs to thrive.

    An Entrepreneur?

    A new business needs to show results quickly and satisfy its investors. A consultant can prove your concept quickly, and offer experience that will be valuable to your stakeholders.


    For organizations unable to justify maintaining a staff of engineers, a consultant can be your part-time engineering division. There are other ways a consultant can help as well. Browse our directory or members, or search for the skill set you need to get your project going immediately.